Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Going Vegan

So, I’ve been contemplating on this for a while. And I actually still am. I’d really want to try if I could do it. But I want to start it when I’m really ready.

Earlier today, I went to a grocery store and I was considering vegan products. I was checking on the ingredients to know if they are vegan. I’ve bought some vegan products but still had non-vegan ones. I guess these are my baby steps.

I’d probably try it for a month. And then see how it goes.

I’m pretty positive about this though. So, wish me luck. And if you are vegan, please please please, I’d really like to hear from you.

#GoingVegan #Vegan

Friday, January 19, 2018

I'm Back!

Hello fellow bloggers! I know! It's been a while. It just so happened that I was searching for an old document in my laptop and came across old freestyle blogs that I wrote in notepad some years ago.

I might post them here soon. So, stay tuned. :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jaw Breaker

Black Mamba, Tap Out, Stone Cold Stunner, Chokeslam, Tombstone... These are just few of what Zark's Burgers has to offer.

Zark's Burgers has been featured at Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho few days ago. But even before that, I have already heard of this burger house as it was located near my hometown.

However, I only had a chance to taste one of their "Major League" burgers earlier today, the Jaw Breaker.

No, I did not take the challenge of eating this triple cheeseburger with spam, bacon and overflowing cheese sauce on top within 5 minutes. Basically because (1) I can't and (2) I want to savor the taste of this one massive burger.

Jaw Breaker Burger - Php 250 pesos

For only 250 pesos, you will get the Jaw Breaker burger with fries and unlimited iced tea. Not bad huh?!

Not only that it looks good, but it tastes good as well. For a moment - when I was chewing the burger patty - I thought that I was eating a meat ball. Well, I think that is how it really taste like. A juicier meat ball.

It was served hot enough for me to start eating. I was enjoying the burger at first, but as I finished the second patty, I had second thought if I could still chew the third one. I felt like Adam Richman from the "Man vs Food" TV show.

I tried to put some hot sauce on the burger patty hoping that it could help me finish this meal. But as what Adam says in his show, in the battle of man versus food - today, the food won. :(

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars - simply because the burger was not able to sustain the juiciness of its patty after few minutes. However, overall - the Jaw Breaker burger tastes good.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Puerto Galera

It’s been a while… I’ve been so very busy with travel and work… Glad that I find time to write another long overdue blog.

Another long weekend. Another opportunity to go out-of-town and just relax. Only this time is different. It’s just Me and Olive.

We met at McDonald’s Imus Branch at 6:00AM. We just bought sausage muffin for each of us and a hashbrown for myself. Then we went to the near-by 711 and bought mineral water and Nestle Pure Milk. We waited for a bus that would take us to Robinsons Dasmariñas in front of 711. After around 30 minutes, we are already at the Van Terminal to Batangas Pier. We paid Php160 each and after more than an hour (I think!) of waiting, at last, off we got to the Pier.

We reached Batangas Pier a couple of minutes past 9:00AM.We bought a Galerian Liner round-trip ticket to Puerto Galera worth Php450 per person, an environmental fee and terminal fee.

Before 9:30AM we are already in front of closed Gate 2B. They opened it at around 9:15AM if I’m not mistaken. We followed the other passengers thinking that we are on the same ship, only for us to know that it is not the ship that we are waiting. And to make it even worse, the three (yes three!) Galerian Ships just sailed few minutes ago according to the ship personnel of Minolo Liner.

There’s no sign that another Galerian Ship is coming so we opted to stay near the parking area and took some pictures of the port.

At last, at around 11:00AM, our ship arrived. We boarded and waited for other passengers before we were finally able to sail. Puerto Galera, here we come!!! J

Arriving at Puerto Galera by 12:00PM, it was raining. I called my contact for the room reservation and was able to meet and greet Ate Melith. She told us to confirm our trip back to Batangas Pier first so we do not have to worry anymore. After I had it confirmed she took us to the White Beach Resort, Bar and Restaurant just a few walks away.

Being as hospitable as she is, Ate Melith lets us choose between two rooms. She first took us to the 2nd floor of the old building of White Beach Resort. At the end of the hallway is a vacant room. With two double beds, TV, aircon and own T&B, it’s not bad for 1,000 pesos per night. But still, I need to know how the other room looks like. So we went to the ground floor of the new building and she took us to a room almost the same amenities as the first room but only nicer and cleaner and homier. However, it is 200 pesos more expensive than the first one. Nevertheless, we chose the 2nd room because of the cleanliness and homey ambiance.

Ate Melith gave us the key with the key card (for the electricity). I ask her when and where we are going to pay. She said that we could pay as soon as we are settled. So, I left Olivia in the room and followed Ate Melith to the restaurant where the front desk/cashier is also located. I paid for 2,400 for a two-night stay.

I went back to the room to freshen-up and to change to more comfortable clothes. It was raining outside but we are both starving so we head down to the restaurant to have our lunch.

We spent the whole day just staying inside our room, watching a movie. Then, we went to the restaurant again to eat our dinner and decided to give Mindoro Sling (highly recommended by my cousin Maude) a try.

The next day, we went snorkelling and island-hopping after breakfast. Being able to see the corals and shells of Puerto Galera, up close, is one hell of an experience.

We then spent the rest of the day swimming, shopping, chatting and (yes!) movie and TV marathon.

On our last day, we are able to have our breakfast first before our boat came to bring us back to Batangas Pier. The sea is much more peaceful this time. J

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Wedding Singer

The organ’s playing
The entourage started coming
I see him walk
I see him smile
He is so proud
And yes… so in love
He stayed in front of the altar
Waiting for his lovely bride
When she finally came, he held her hand
She’s so beautiful
So wonderful
I know she’s everything he wants
She’s the one he loves…
It’s now time to recite their vows
And so the music was played
I have to sing their wedding song
And I don’t know why there is pain
He hears my voice…. And he stopped for a while
He looked at my direction
He can’t believe it with his eyes
He sees me smiling while I sing
He tried to look me in the eye
But I looked away from him…
‘Coz I don’t want him to see me weeping
I was smiling outside…
But crying deep inside…
I don’t know if I can bear this any longer
I was hurt… my heart’s wounded
Then the music fades together with my voice
I ran away… ‘coz I have no choice
I ran away because I know that I can’t stay
I ran away from the man who used to be mine
But failed to stay for a lifetime…

July 11th, 2005 by michellelucero on Friendster

I Died

I was down and out the day you said goodbye
My head was spinning
My heart stopped beating
I was lost…… I died
I tried to recover
God knows how hard
I told myself to forget you
I thought I did…
I wished I did…
A few good men tried to win me
But all of them failed
Coz I’ve forgotten how to love…
I’ve forgotten how it felt…
My friends told me
I should try to move on
And so I tried… But I failed…
For a thousand times and more
How can I move on when it’s you that I ever wanted?
How can I love again when it’s you who stole my heart away?
You stole it the day you went away
So please… Give it back to me…
I want to live again!!!

July 7th, 2005 by michellelucero on Friendster

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Banaue-Sagada Adventure (Part 2)

After the long wait… Finally, here’s the second (and probably the last part) of my Banaue-Sagada Adventure.

April 23, 2011: Black Saturday – Early morning we had our breakfast and prepared ourselves for the most intense part of our visit to Sagada.

We are set to go to the Sumaguing Cave, Lumiang Burial Cave, Sagada Underground River, Echo Valley and the famous Hanging Coffins.

First stop is the Sumaguing Cave. I honestly do not know if there is an entrance fee. If so, I do not have an idea how much it is or even how much is the guide’s fee. Reason: This is a partly sponsored tour. Everything has been arranged even before we elope from Manila. All we have to do is to follow the itinerary as strictly as possible.

Anyways, before we enter the cave, the guides told us to just leave our belongings in our jeepney. Even the jackets should be left because we will get wet inside. I only have my flashlight in my pocket and nothing else. We had picture takings before we enter the cave. There are few instructions before going inside from our guides. The first part of the cave was very rocky. As we go on further, it became more difficult as there are some rocks which are a little bit more slippery than the other. We do not have a choice but to hold-on to the other rocks with fresh bat dungs for the life of us. At one point of the cave, the guides requested for us to remove our foot-wears and just leave it at a certain part of the cave wherein we could get it later on our way back. It has been a lot easier when I removed my slippers. The next part of the cave was exceptional. I was amazed by the different rock formations such as the Pawikan (Turtle), The Queen, The King’s Curtain, Rice Terraces, The Cake  to name a few. True enough, we got wet… very wet… I even had my watch broken. Too bad I brought the wrong watch, it’s not water resistant. The water was so cold and it gets deeper as we go further down the cave. We had to do a little rappelling to get back. But the spelunking was superb. And the cave was wonderful that I want to come back.

We had to pay 20 pesos in the near-by comfort room to wash-up. And then the girls went up the jeepney for the “top-load” as we move to our next destination… The Lumiang Cave.

Lumiang Cave is interconnected with the Sumaguing Cave but it will take 4 hours of spelunking from one cave to another. Lumiang Cave is a burial cave.

After visiting the Lumiang Burial Cave, we went down (again) to the Sagada Underground River. Had a little picture takings and then we decided to take a trail to the Echo Valley. From Echo Valley, there is another trail towards the famous Hanging Coffins, if you want to have a closer look.

Going back from Echo Valley, we passed by a cemetery and a church and we head back to the guest house to have some rest. After a few minutes of rest, myself and Olive went to the Ganduyan Museum which is just a few steps away from the guest house where we were able to meet Christina Aben, the founder and curator of the said museum.

We had lunch at the Yogurt House and then went back to the guest house to take a bath. While Greyz is taking a bath, myself and Olive decided to explore the streets of Sagada where Olive bought Barbeque and Hotdog. I’m a little bit jealous because I cannot eat meat at that time since I am following an old Semana Santa tradition. Right after she finished her barbeque, we went to the Cosmic Tea Herbs and Fruits aka Yoga and Herbs to have a cup of Cosmic Tea. Cosmic Tea is a special tea made from boiled mountain leaves, herbs and spices.

April 24, 2011: Easter Sunday – Our last day to Sagada and Banaue. We packed our things after a free breakfast and went for an early Easter Sunday mass before we head back to Banaue where we were given only 30 minutes of shopping while waiting for our bus to arrive at the station.

The bus arrived and we wait for a couple of minutes more then we travel back to Manila leaving the wonderful place of Banaue and Sagada. Taking nothing but pictures and great memories with us.